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…One that can support your laptop lifestyle with freedom, flexibility and fun.

At the core of your business, you are doing incredible work and making a real difference to people’s lives, but you know you could do some much more – if only you had more time, more space, more support.

That’s where LWVA comes in…

No one said it was easy…

…otherwise everyone would be running their own business but it’s double hard when you are trying to DO IT ALL, all by yourself.

You feel stretched as it is, and you have so much you still want to do; develop your membership site, plan your podcast series, write your first (or next) book, updating your website, sorting out your expenses, planning social media and newsletters, and finally getting on top of the tasks that you just keep putting off.

LWVA can help you…

…get back in control of your workload, and provide the support you need to create, or grow, a successful business without so many of the sleepless nights.

In order to have brilliant ideas, we need to give our brains space to think and that’s what Leila Williams Virtual Assistant provides to our clients. With cost effective online business support, LWVA clients are able to focus on the areas of their business that only they can do, saving themselves time and money in the process.

With LWVA on your team…

…you’ll receive trustworthy and experienced support. You can be confident delegating the tasks that cause you stress, leaving you free to focus your energy on your incredible products and services, growing your business, delivering your message to your customers or clients and the wider world who are waiting to hear from you!

Don’t put your goals on hold any longer. Schedule a free 30 min consultation call and let’s chat about how LWVA can support you and your business.

our Services

These are just some of the services we offer. Click the symbols to find out more or visit the Our Services tab in the menu.

Email Marketing

Growing your email list and providing regular, interesting & informative content direct to their inbox is a sure fire way to keep you in the mind of potential clients.

Creative Copywriting

We love writing engaging copy for websites, landing page, social media & emails helping our clients tick one more thing off the ever-growing to-do list.

Web Design

Promote your brand with your own website and take visitors on a curated journey through the story of your business, highlighting what’s most important with images & video. Check out Sleek Sites

Finance Admin

Hiding from your finances? You’re not alone! We’ll help you get your finance processes into shape, so you’re always on top of cashflow.

Sales Funnels

Wasting hours struggling to get to grips with your sales funnel and landing pages? Delegate it to LWVA and we’ll get it done, lickety split!

Business Support

Improve your processes, tackle your inbox, sort out your filing; take back control of your time and let’s make business easier!


Take a look at what some of our clients have felt after working with Leila Williams Virtual Assistant or check out our FAQs.

I can not recommend Leila as a VA highly enough!

Always positive and optimistic, she’s a real pleasure to work with and always delivers and executes the task at hand to the very best of her ability. Having Leila on board has enabled me to free up my time to focus on my creative priorities in my work, and I can relax in the knowledge that the other admin tasks are in safe hands.

She’s also great at managing all the various elements of the business (including myself!) so that it can continue to grow and evolve at a steady, consistent rate. 

Persia Lawson

Author, Speaker + Love Coach, persialawson.com

I started to work with a VA for a specific media-based project producing podcasts, webinars, films and building a membership site.  I had no idea how to do any of it and my marketing coach recommended Leila to me.

Immediately I felt in safe hands, Leila is fun to work with, enthusiastic, genuinely cares about my business and understood me so well which had a massive impact on the quality of content she was creating for me as it could have come from me.As a Solopreneur it is so great to have Leila to take off some of the load and also bounce new ideas off, I would definitely recommend working with her, she’s brilliant!

Maria Coulter

Construction Coach, constructioncoach.co.uk

Our Story

Leila Williams Virtual Assistant started in October 2016 as a way for me (Leila cool) to use the cacophony of skills and experience I have gained during my career to create the life and lifestyle that I wanted for me and my family.

I was working as Finance Manager and it was very difficult for me to take time off. But I was lucky enough to be able to work remotely and so I was in Portugal, on holiday with my family…  with my laptop, working every morning by the pool and I thought to myself, this isn’t so bad… if only I was working on something I was actually passionate about!

Flexible working, supporting creative people, having the opportunity to be involved in a variety of different projects; these are key to a happy working life for me!

Since starting, LWVA has gone from strength to strength, working with inspiring clients who are doing amazing work and helping them to better manage their business so they can enjoy their life more. My husband Dean has joined the team and has brought a whole heap of technical skills enabling us to support our clients in even more ways.

Together, we specialise in applying creative and fresh solutions to business operations, making them more efficient and easy to manage. Working from our home in Birmingham, UK, we are looking to create our dream life, with freedom, flexibility and fun, by helping our clients to do the same. I’ve taken my laptop to Lebanon, Spain, Ireland and to Scotland loads of times, though there’s a severe lack of sunshine by the pool there!

Read more about the team here.

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