What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (or VA) is generally self employed and provides administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

How do I find a Virtual Assistant that I feel comfortable delegating to?!

I get it, my business is like my baby!

Having a good rapport with your Virtual Assistant is integral to having a successful relationship, as clear communication and giving feedback, positive & negative, will ensure that your VA can meet your needs. We like to start all of our client relationships with a video call to gauge if we will work together well; there’s something about being able to see each other’s faces that helps to build trust.

It also important to have a written contract in place to make sure both parties are clear on what is required for the project. When you work with Leila Williams Virtual Assistant, we’ll provide you with a contract detailing our agreement, as well as Terms & Conditions, so you’ll know exactly where you stand.

If you’re still feeling uncomfortable with the idea of handing over the “keys” to your business, start small. One of the main benefits of a Virtual Assistant is flexibility, so you could start off delegating some social media posts and see how that feels. They don’t even have to schedule them, just get them to create some and send them to you. It should give you a good idea whether your VA has an understanding of your business and what’s important to you. Hopefully you’ll love them and you’ll want your VA to do more for you, but if you don’t, you won’t feel like you’ve risked your reputation or business.

You could also ask other entrepreneurs about VA’s they’ve worked with. Referrals are a great way of sourcing a trustworthy virtual assistant.

How much does a Virtual Assistant cost?

Each Virtual Assistant sets their own rate so prices can vary, depending on their experience and crucially, on the type of work you need them to do. Before undertaking any work, your VA will be able to give you an indication of what the cost will be.

Some of our clients have an agreed monthly rate which guarantees them a certain amount of hours spent working on their business a month and when we take on larger projects we agree a price with the client before work starts. We’ll provide regular updates, so there are no nasty surprises. Book a free 30 minute chat here so you share what you need and we can send you a detailed proposal.

What makes Leila Williams Virtual Assistant different to other VA’s out there?

I mean, I don’t know any other VA’s with a wellness officer who is a cat! But seriously, it’s a family affair over here. We may be called Leila Williams Virtual Assistant but we’re a wife and husband team and we’re all in on creating the lifestyle that we’ve been dreaming, with freedom, flexibility and fun, of in our little corner of Birmingham. When you work with us, you’re basically getting two VA’s for the price of one. Read more About the Team here.

Why not employ an actual assistant?

When you work with a virtual assistant, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of employing someone. You don’t need space in your office, you don’t need to provide them with equipment or start doing payroll and dealing with their tax or pension.

You only pay for the time your VA spends working on your business, so you’re not committing to a salary each month. Working with a Virtual Assistant offers you flexibility as you can increase and decrease the amount of hours you want to VA to work for you, allowing you to pull back during quieter periods and receive more support with larger projects or during busy periods.

I use the same password for everything! Will my life be stolen if I share my password?

We encourage our clients to use the Chrome add on, Lastpass, to store & share their login details. Not only will it encrypt your stored passwords, ready to autofill when you’re browsing on Chrome, you can also share login details via Lastpass with your VA without them ever actually seeing the password, as Lastpass will add it for them.

Honestly, if you are using the same password for everything, you’re putting your business at risk too, so get Lastpass to create some secure passwords for you as well!

What kind of work can a Virtual Assistant do?

There are all sorts of Virtual Assistants specialising in different areas, but common tasks are social media, email marketing, managing inbox, customer service and updating blogs/websites. Basically anything that you need to do online, there’s a virtual assistant to help!

If you are looking to grow a successful business, you need to be able to focus your energy on the tasks in your business that only you can do. Anything else can be delegated! At Leila Williams Virtual Assistant, we are passionate about supporting creative entrepreneurs with the more technical parts of their business, take a look at Our Services page to read more.

Ok, I know I need help. What’s next?

First off, well done! It’s really hard to let someone else into your business when you’ve been working on it by yourself for so long. I promise you things are going to get easier. Click here to book a free 30 min consultation where we can chat about what’s never leaving that to do list and how Leila Williams Virtual Assistant can support you in getting it ticked off once and for all.

Having a VA is like having your cake and eating it. When things get busy, it’s great to know we can just give Leila a bell and she can help us manage the tasks we no longer have time for. Ultimately this means less overtime and less stress, and it’s hard to put a price on that!

Leila is a very positive, can-do person – she attacks each task with maximum efficiency and enthusiasm! As a small business we can’t afford to have permanent admin staff so it’s brilliant to have the flexibility to bring in an extra pair of reliable hands just when we need it. 

James Diggle

Founder, Dig Fieldcraft

Leila is easily approachable and has great creative ideas regarding social media and effective use of digital platforms. I needed someone to help me with organisation and engaging with customers.

Leila was great to work with, she’s very positive and carefully listens to her customer’s needs to make sure it’s up to the required standard. She’s also very flexible and willing to assist with multiple project and activites.

I’ve recommended Leila to other entrepreneurs too.   

Susanne Virtanen

Construction Coach, DiscoverChange Ltd

Reclaim your freedom, flexibility & fun… Let’s chat about how I can help!

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