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It’s a family affair at Leila Williams Virtual Assistant where every member of the household has their own role.

Leila williams: the face, the voice, the big boss

Leila’s passion for business management started young, when her Dad would have her answering phones in his home office or sorting out his receipts. Once she had her first Saturday job, her wages would regularly be splurged at the local stationary shop and she’s not ashamed to admit she still has a deep love for pens and notebooks!

Before starting LWVA, Leila worked in London for over 10 years, in management and leadership positions and has experience working for both large and small companies, ranging from Molton Brown, the NHS and the British Transport Police to a tech startup and a successful market research business. Leila’s always been one to get stuck in with different parts of each business she’s worked for, from finance, HR and customer care as well as project coordination, office management and event management. When she was a Finance Manager, she was also writing articles for that company’s website and as well as designing marketing emails!

Leila bloody loves the work she does and her approachable and energetic personality means she is often the perfect sounding board for LWVA client ideas, helping them to plan and strategise effectively. To keep her own brain creative, she likes to spend time taking photographs, playing computer games and stomping through the countryside in her wellington boots. Long hot baths are also integral to her business mindset!

dean williams: mystical magic maker

Before officially joining LWVA, Dean was still helping out in the background, providing support, hugs, and homemade sausage rolls! He’s got over 10 years experience working in support for the NHS, fixing doctors computers so they can Google patient symptoms whenever they need to.

Dean makes the magic happen for our clients, with his vast technical knowledge and super attention to detail, he’s a massive asset on the team. He’s a rare sight on social media and you won’t be bumping into him at networking events, that’s because he’s too busy getting on with the real work for LWVA.

Happiest when he’s elbow deep in a big project, Dean loves to tackle website builds and brand design, and he’s super creative too, creating animated videos and developing custom music for our clients from his studio.

Dean’s self care includes cooking, beating Leila at computer games, moisturising his feet and cuddling the cat!

archie williams: prince of pamper

Archie takes self care very seriously. Always immaculately groomed and well rested, this princely pussy cat leads the way when it comes to wellbeing at LWVA.  

He makes sure the team take regular breaks by jumping on to their desks and sitting in front of the keyboard, or even on their hands! 

He encourages the team to stretch their legs by scratching the carpet until someone goes downstairs to the kitchen to feed him some treats!

Some might say that sleeping for 16 hours of the day means he doesn’t really contribute that much, but Archie believes in quality over quantity. (except when it comes to Dreamies!)

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