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Have your nurture sequence automated for free

No more berating yourself about not having nurture emails going out to your mailing list. Sign up here and you could get your nurture sequence set up by me, for free! 

Simply fill in the form by midnight on 7th May 2023 and you’re in with a chance of winning free support to get your nurture sequence firing out emails for you. 

All you’ll have to do is supply the copy for up to 5 emails in the same automation and I’ll do the rest. 

If you’d like:

  • A 5 email nurture sequence welcoming new subscribers to your list and priming them to purchase your products/services, 
  • An automation that saves you time and helps bring in more money,
  • Support to make sure your website and list are communicating properly,
  • Someone to set up your email templates and contact tags, 
  • To handover testing and troubleshooting the whole sequence to make sure everything’s running smoothly for you and your subscribers. 

Complete your details below and get your nurture sequence ticked off your to-do list so you can focus on the work you really love. 

Winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday 9th May and will be informed by email. 

Ready to inject your business with  flexibility, freedom & fun? 

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