As business owners, we can feel often that we have to do it ALL ourselves. Everything is our responsibility, we’ve all the thoughts & ideas swirling around in our brains and it can feel impossible to switch off from our worries.

All of the books & experts talk about meditation, but sometimes when I’m trying to meditate and have a peaceful moment, it feels like my body is desperate to move and my brain voices are shouting way too loud and I just can’t sit still no matter how I try!!!

So I’m writing a series of blog posts, where I can share with you the different ways that I try to bring a bit more relaxation to all the mania!

This week I’m all about the music. Music is a massive part of helping shift my mood and change up my energy.

As soon as my alarm goes off in the morning, music starts playing. I’ve a Spotify playlist for my Core Desired Feelings which is linked to my alarm, so each morning a random song from the playlist wakes me up and helps get into the way I want to feel.

When I’ve got that tense anxiety coarsing through me, I blast out the tunes on my Boss Bitch playlist. Dancing like no one is watching and singing like no one has ears really helps me to relieve that uncomfortable hyper feeling!

When those angry brain voices are shouting at me about things I haven”t done yet, or things I have done, but I’m not happy with, or if they are just being too noisy, I run a bath and reach for my Gentle Hugs playlist.

Take a look below for details of my favourite mood busting playlists and a couple of other tracks I love.

Gentle Hugs

Songs for relaxation, for curling up and giving yourself a great hug, maybe even have a little cry, if you need to. Let all the feelings out.

Boss Bitch

Songs to pump you up and make you feel like an unstoppable force of nature. For those times when you need to kick some serious butt.

Ava Vidal’s baby, Mimi, on the Brexit panel with Cathy Newman on Channel 4 News.

It’s a chunky title I know!

A big inspiration for setting up my business was that I would be able to provide for my family on my own terms. I visualised working in my home office, with my own baby sleeping near me, and being able to work and take care of my family.

You can imagine my excitement when Ava Vidal showed up to talk Brexit on C4 News, with baby Mimi! She was unapologetic and I was like “YES! This is the future, I wanna see more mums doing their jobs with their children in tow.”

So I was inspired to create this playlist of songs I would play to my own baby while I was working. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I don’t have any children, but I did get to work and play my playlist while my niece was napping in my office once, so that was pretty good! )

Deep Throat Choir

OMG, these women though. If you haven’t listened to Deep Throat Choir yet, I suggest you stick it right at the top of your to do list. If you’re looking for some stunning collective feminine energy, look no further.

This song Be OK and the album of the same name have been on heavy rotation for my life in the last 2 years. There’s an incredible cover of Amy Winehouse’s In My Bed on the album, expect all the spine tingles.

I’ll Try Anything Once

A mantra for life.

This cover from Haim is just so beautiful. I cry almost every time I listen to it, there are tears running down my face right now, just as a result of grabbing the YT link!

FUN FACT: This track is actually an early demo version of You Only Live Once by The Strokes.

“Why not try it all, if you’ll only remember it once?”

I’d love to hear from you if you find a track that speaks to you in these playlists or if you have playlists of your own you’d like to share.

In the words of Madonna, “Music makes the people come together”

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