I work with so many awesome women entreprenuers. They inspire me daily, encouraging me to think and feel more deeply as I continue on my own journey through business.

The last year has brought challenges for everyone in a variety of ways and so I want to share some of the big wins my client have had in 2020, to inspire you to continue building your dream life, no matter how much sh*t hits the fan, keep making things happen.

Lauren launched her new blog, Truly Alive. #conformityisforshit  A top corporate  lawyer and single mum, Lauren writes with complete candor and honesty about big topics; one of my favourites is this article called Curiously Sober on her relationship with alcohol, particulary during lockdown. 

As someone with a “proper” corporate job, releasing a blog that’s so personal is a big deal and although there have been some challenges, I loved seeing Lauren go from strength to strength, finding her voice in her writing and sharing ideas that can really make a difference to others as well. 


TraceyLiv rebranded to LivLitceo.com, had a second baby, moved to Dusseldorf and launched her awesome Self-Mastery assessment tool!

Seriously this woman is powerhouse!

The self-mastery tool helps you discover where you are in the 7 domains of self-mastery which include things like Vision, Emotions, The Mind. If you’re wondering: how can I develop myself? Where do I need to start? What can I focus on that will make the biggest impact? This free tool is aimed at supporting you identify where you are today and how you can Master Your Self in order to live a big life on your terms.

Maria, the Construction Coach, and Persia, a love coach and writer both released new podcast series this year.

The Construction Revolution, hosted by Maria, is made of 13 episodes and  features pioneers from the construction industry who are doing things differently to solve issues like profit margins, cashflow and inclusivity, as well as fresh ideas and perspective from outside the industry to bring much needed change. 

Love is Coming is Persia’s new podcast and is a mix of interviews with guest experts and solo epsiodes packed with Persia’s pearls of love wisdom. When it launched it hit No 6 in the Apple Podcast charts, hanging out with the likes of Michelle Obama’s podcast! Ooooh fancy!   


Nati launched a brand new business, Nati’s Health, with a free mindful eating challenge, group coaching programmes and a brand new website! Nati’s built a great team around her, go check out the blog to read some of the posts from Nati and our content manager Andrea.  My favourite piece is about how diets are related to capitalism.

Christiane at Calm For Kids moved to providing online courses for yoga instructors and release two new childrens books. (which made awesome Christmas presents for the little ones in my life!)

Saveria, a book doula, released a handful of short courses on the Kajabi platform. I particulary liked the EFT For Writers Course; I’d been doing some writing that was bringing up a whole lot of emotions for me and found Saveria’s tapping course really helpful in providing some calm and balance. 

This really is just a snippet of all the wonderful things my clients have achieved in the past 12 months. I love being a part of their big plans and helping to bring them to life.  I’m so proud and inspired by every single one of them.

And what about me…. well, I’ve been doing a lot of exploring in my head during 2020 and I’m going into the new year with a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself.

I was a contestant on a well known quiz show (air date still TBC) and I’ve guested on 4 episodes of the Empowered Thinking At Play podcast; three of which are group discussions which are available now, and one is a solo intereview with me, that I think will be released this month. 

I hope this post has given you some inspo and encouragement for your 2021 plans. If you’ve a project that you’re struggling to get started with, give me a shout and I’ll help you find your way through.

I’m excited to help even more incredible women this year!

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